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For student-athletes between the ages of 11 and 18, Illusion Institute
is a brand of innovative basketball training, camps, leagues, and off season programs.  Our mission is to increase awareness of overlooked players in smaller market school districts that are basketball scholarship worthy, and make quality basketball training programs accessible to these student-athletes.  

Y our student-athlete will not be the same when we're done, and that's a promise.     .

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  1. I don't even know where to start to describe how wonderful my son's trainer is or how much of a difference he has made to my son's basketball skills. My son had never learned proper ball-handling skills and had had little experience. My son's trainer changed all that - in just 9 lessons!
    Lisa Eriksen - The Woodlands, TX
  2. My son's trainer has been wonderful! He is very knowledgeable and above all--patient. I have been amazed at his ability to relay the mechanics of shooting, ball handling, and footwork in a methodical and systematic way. It is truly remarkable to watch my son's progress from week to week.
    Nydia Twumasi - Cypress, TX
  3. My son's trainer has helped Grant improve his skills at every lesson. He continues to be 100% professional and also very engaging and encouraging with Grant. It has been a pleasure working with him!
    Cindy Luvender - Sugarland, TX
  4. 4 out of 5 stars! These trainers will bring out the best in your athlete. They always have a positive word for their students.
    Cynthia Hill - Baytown, TX
  5. Our first session with Illusion Institute was fantastic - we're excited to work with them more. The ball handling drills were challenging and unique, and my son already sees some improvement, and has new drills to practice with.
    Sandy McQueen - Pearland, TX
  6. I really respect what you guys are doing. It’s going to change a lot of lives!
    D. Westbeld, Economic Dev. Administrator - Deer Park, TX
  7. My son loved it, very flexible with times and very knowledgeable!!! I would recommend and will use them again.
    Laura Baker - Deer Park, TX
  8. The way the mentality of my son was changed... incredible. He went from being hesitant to shoot to having the confidence to let it fly! Not air balls and shots off the side of the backboard either, he was knocking down shots left and right. Let these guys get a hold of your kid, and they won't be the same.
    Raul Holguin - Deer Park, TX
  9. When my daughter first started training, she was the girl that would get the ball and pass it off like the ball was on fire. Very hesitant to get involved on offense. Now she's very confidence, and has literally been the team's leading scorer this season so far. We are so thankful for Illusion Institute!
    Jeff Dutton - Houston, TX
  10. We've been with Illusion Institute a long time. I don't know where to start. My daughter has become a new person. Her confidence is through the roof and her skills wow everyone that sees her play. Three pointers, lay-ups in traffic, pretty crossovers, the whole nine, and it's thanks to Illusion Institute!
    Sue Carlile - Mont Belvieu, TX