M.A.D.E. Tough Talks

Covering a variety of relevant topics, these talks are created to speak directly to the player with the purpose of putting their mentality in the right place for the right occasion.

A Parent's Sacrifice

Yes, we are a basketball training business, but we understand that the opportunity that you provide us to improve your student-athlete on and off the floor is a privilege.  Not only for us, but for your student-athlete as well.  We'll kindly turn a player away when we get the sense that they aren't putting your sacrifice to full use.  Want them to know you're not looking to waste time and money if they're not serious?  Have them listen to this today!

Handling A Good Game

It's easy for a player seeing some progression to get comfortable in their position.  Especially players we train.  They find themselves doing things they haven't been able to do and frankly start to get off the gas a bit.  We like confidence, but not the kind that makes you think you're a finished product.  Want to make sure they don't become complacent after a seeing consistent success?  Have them listen to this today!

Handling A Bad Game

You know it all too well.  The moment that your favorite basketball player has had a bad game.  They walk to the darkness and you do all you can to bring them to the light.  Then they become your... NOT so favorite basketball player.  They go on a downward spiral after a less than stellar performance and they're giving themselves the blues.  Want to make sure they know the best way to approach a "bad game"?  Have them listen to this today!

Dealing With Ride Home After A Bad Game

Those ride homes after a rough game can be tough.  For all parties involved.  This isn't for the parent, though they could benefit from listening to this.  This is to help the player have a clearer perspective with what goes on during the ride home.  From the awkward silent ride all the way to the screaming match, this gives the insight on how to effectively handle the situation.  Want to make sure they kick some butt after the ride home?  Have them listen to this today!