Meet The Affiliates

Our mission is to increase awareness of overlooked players in smaller market school districts that are basketball scholarship worthy, and make quality basketball training programs accessible to these student-athletes.  We take a holistic approach when it comes to developing the student-athletes that we have the pleasure of working with.  At our core, we are in the improvement business, and go great lengths to help student-athletes make it to their next level.  With that said, allow us to introduce you to our Brand Affiliates, who share our passion in wanting to help catapult a player to heights they never thought possible.
D Wade is not a Brand Affiliate, we just love this video with Eric Thomas talking in the background about the importance of sacrifice.  It costs to be the boss.  That's why we give Boss Work to the players we train.

Kevin Cantwell Basketball

We are extremely excited about collaborating with Kevin Cantwell Basketball.  There isn’t enough room here to tell you about his incredible career.  Kevin Cantwell was a head coach at Appalachian State University and spent 14 years as Associate Head Coach at Georgia Tech under the legendary Bobby Cremins. He was regarded as one of the best college basketball recruiters in the nation.  In 2001, he left college coaching and began training kids from 4th grade thru high school. CLICK ON THE LINK, you’ll be glad you did!!  He's giving away the tools!!

Sequel Property Investments

They don’t know about transforming young basketball players into Playmakers the way we do, but they are often very generous with sponsorships.  At times, our ambitions are bigger than our budget when it comes to what we want to make accessible to the student-athletes that we have the privilege of training.  Sequel Property Investments help close the gap between our lofty goals and our youth sports pockets.  Know someone looking to buy or sell a house?  You may know someone looking to rent a home.  They can without question help, and tell them we sent you!