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Illusion Institute gear is unique and fresh.  We constantly look for ways to help student-athletes express themselves in a positive way.  Browse, and you'll be sure to find something just right.
The RISE Program
We want to introduce your favorite basketball player to their new program… RISE. Oooh and you'll love the results!  It has been tailored to help student-athletes improve their explosiveness on the court by increasing their vertical, and bringing their first step to the “frightening” category.  

After finishing this program they’ll have a lot of something extra to compliment the skills that they work so hard on with us. Is your student-athlete ready to RISE to heights they haven’t seen before?
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  1. No Fancy Tools Needed
    What makes The RISE Program great is that there is no need for any fancy tools or equipment. Outside of following the program, a chair and a jump rope is all that will be needed.
  2. Progress Centered
    Progress Centered
    The program only takes around 1 hour a day, three times a week, yet keeps athletes engaged with progress stickers and a pocket sized pamphlet available to keep them motivated.
  3. Simple How To Guide
    Athletes will always stay on course with the laminated reference sheets to ensure they're on track, and the comprehensive pamphlet explaining what to do and why, will help them see the big picture.
The Nutrition Playbook
A student-athlete taking their game to the next level goes beyond performance in games and how hard they work to improve their skills. Their Illusion Institute Nutrition Playbook will be a tool for them. A tool that will help compliment their efforts towards being in peak physical condition. This playbook will explain how their diet is simply different from the norm. They’re special! 

We’ll recommend things to eat, why they should do so, and explain the significance of eating right!
Eat Healthy!
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  1. Hard Stuff Made Simple
    A quick, simple, and comprehensive read that will be easy for student-athletes to digest. In short, fancy stuff is explained simply.
  2. Encouraging Guidance
    The Nutrition Playbook comes in the form of a pocket sized pamphlet packed with encouragement to eat well and basic meal plans are included for male and female players.
  3. They'll Learn The Whys
    With engaging questions after each section, they'll learn the WHYS behind eating right, which may be more important than them simply doing so.