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Our Mission is to increase awareness of overlooked players in smaller market school districts that are basketball scholarship worthy, and make quality basketball training programs accessible to these student-athletes.

For student-athletes between the ages of 11 and 18, Illusion Institute is a brand of innovative basketball training.  We offer improvement guaranteed 1 on 1 training, skill specific camps, results based off-season programs, and competitive leagues.

Illusion Institute provides much more than a bunch of drills, contraptions, or DVDs.  We are closer to an institution, school of thought, or place for student athletes to grow together.  An institution that includes practical advice to follow, a source of inspiration for student-athletes, relief for parents that can relax knowing their young athlete is in great hands, training programs tailored for specific realms of the game, and most importantly... people that genuinely care about the development of players on and off the court.  



Our latest breakthrough:

Our beginning was a humble one.  It all started with a nephew that wanted to improve his ball handling and dribbling skills.  Soon, a realization was clear; there were young athletes everywhere that needed the same type of quality training.  With a few cones, a scuffed up basketball, a garage door during bad weather and a driveway when the sun was shining bright… Illusion Institute was born.      
Though college scholarships are not guaranteed, we look to assist student-athletes with their transition to college and help them use basketball as a tool to obtain an education.  We are very excited about The Scholarship Blueprint, an online course for student-athletes to complete with the support of their parents.  It will serve as an excellent guide for players looking to achieve their dream of playing collegiate basketball.    

OUR TEAM: The Certified Playmaker Makers

  1. Kimberly
  2. Gerren

Kimberly's Paperwork is Being Finalized... She's a Rockstar Trainer!

Gerren's Paperwork is Being Finalized... You'll love this guy!

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